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Practical Test
What will you be tested on?

What will you be tested on in the practical test?

The driving test is designed to show that you can drive safely on the road and understand the highway code.
What will you be tested on?
    1.   Your eyesight will be tested 
          You will be asked to read a number plate from a distance:
  • 20m for a new style number plate or
  • 20.5m for an old style number plate.          
   2.   You'll be asked two questions about carrying out vehicle safety checks.
          These are called the "Show me/Tell me" questions.
    3.   Then it's on to the driving.
          The driving part of the test lasts for about 40 minutes.  You will be tested on:
  •      Driving safely in different road conditions
          The examiner will take you through many different road conditions including low speed roads to dual carriageways and busy towns/city centres.
  •    You will be asked to carry out one of the following manoeuvre exercises and possibly an emergency stop.
                          Reverse parking - behind a parked car
                          Reverse parking - into a parking bay
                          Reversing round a corner
                          Turn in the road (three point turn)
  •       10 minutes of Independent Driving
                          This part of the test was introduced in October 2010. 
                          Here you'll be asked to drive on your own without
                          any instruction from the examiner. 
                          It's all about your ability to make safe decisions independently. 
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