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Eco Driving

Eco Driving

Eco Driving - The smart way of saving money

Get your driving life off to a great money-saving start with eco-driving.
As petrol prices reach a record high, it's becoming even more important to learn Eco-driving techniques.
 Why should I learn Eco Driving?
By changing the we drive and learning simple techniques, we can save money on our fuel costs.  According to a DVSA trial the average motorist covering 12,000 miles a year can save up to £232 a year and one who drives 36,000 miles can save up to £700 a year.  Eco driving is a smart way of saving money on those spiralling petrol costs.
Why does QDrive encourage this way of driving?
  • Save money on fuel - especially at a time when fuel is so expensive
  • Reduce vehicle maintenance costs - less wear and tear on your car
  • Learn safer driving techniques
  • Positive effect on environment

Eco driving techniques are included FREE in our learner driving lessons and refresher lessons - ask your QDrive instructor for more information and tips.

Golden tips of Eco Driving
The five basic rules to follow when driving are:
1. Move up gear as soon as possible
   Change up at around 2000rpm (diesel) or 2,500rpm (petrol)

2. Switch off engine if you are going to be stationary for more than a minute
    Especially when you are caught in a traffic jam

3. Plan ahead, identify hazards and anticipate traffic flow
    Look ahead as far as possible and anticipate to surrounding traffic

4. Decelerate Smoothly
    Avoid sharp acceleration and heavy breaking

5. Drive at most efficient speed
    Most efficient speed for fuel consumption has been shown to be 50-65mph
Other things to watch out for:
  • Ditch extra weight (inside and outside car)
  • roof racks, bikes all increase ‘drag'
  • Avoid short journeys
  • Cold engines use almost twice as much fuel as heated ones
  • When buying a car do your homework - buy an energy efficient car
  • Compare CO2 emissions a car gives out - the lower the emissions the lower the cost of vehicle tax
  • Check the tyre pressure
  • Under inflated tyres increase fuel consumption
  • Switch of air conditioning - save up to 10% on fuel
  • Whilst driving around town, turn the air con off and open the windows but when driving at high speeds use the air con.


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