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Instructor Training
Part 3

Part 3 - Test of Ability to Instruct

The Part 3 test measures your ability to give effective instruction and your abitity to pass your knowledge on to pupils. It is generally considered the most difficult of the three qualifying tests.
The test is in two phases, each of which lasts about half an hour. You must pass both phases on the same test.
The examiner will role play a pupil from two of the following options:
  • a beginner or partly-trained pupil
  • a pupil who is about test standard
  • a qualified driver undertaking driver development training.

The test

For each of the roles the examiner will select a test which will include a pre-set combination of two of the exercises listed below:
  • safety precautions on entering the car and explanation of the controls
  • moving off and making normal stops
  • driving the vehicle backwards and while so doing entering limited openings to the right or left
  • turning the vehicle round in the road to face the opposite direction, using forward and reverse gears
  • parking close to the kerb, using reverse gears
  • practical instruction in how to use mirrors and how to make an emergency stop
  • approaching and turning corners
  • judgement of speed and general road positioning
  • dealing with coming out onto T-junctions
  • dealing with all aspects of crossroads
  • dealing with pedestrian crossings and giving appropriate signals by using your indicator and your arm in a clear and unmistakeable manner
  • meeting, crossing the path of and overtaking other vehicles, including allowing enough clearance to include following distance for other road users

Assessment and Marking

The examiner assesses the method, accuracy and clarity of instruction given for the stated subject matter to be covered and how well it is linked to the ability of the pupil portrayed at that time, during each phase.
Key subject areas
There are three main key subject areas, with which you need to be familiar:
  • core competencies
  • instructional techniques
  • instructor characteristics
Other areas the examiner looks out for are:
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