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Learn to Drive
Theory Test

Theory Test Revision Tools

To pass your driving test, you have to pass both the theory test and the practical test.
The theory test comes in two parts - a multiple choice section of 50 questions and a hazard perception part with 14 clips. You have to pass both these sections in one sitting to pass your theory test.
Get practising with your driving instructor
As a Q Drive learner, we want to help you as much as we can to help you pass your test quicker. Your driving instructor can provide you with training aids such as our popular text quiz. Where the instructor will text you some theory questions on a weekly basis so you'll be learning on the go!
Wondering how to pass your theory test quicker?
We've made it easy by giving you the links to the latest driving study techniques on the market.
Driving Theory App - Learn on the go
Practice theory questions while you're on the move by downloading the Driving Theory app. Q Drive has tested several apps out and have found the UK Driving Theory App to be the best on the market.
This app has:
  • The latest DSA question bank - with over 970 questions
  • A 'Progress Meter' helping to keep you on track on how you are performing in a particular area
  • An easy to use interface - where you can choose the number of questions and your own timer settings
  • Show test results in HTML format and the ability to email the results
  • Special algorithm that randomizes questions every time you take a test
Get reading....
The best revision books for you theory test are:
  • This book contains road signs, road markings and general rules for all road users.
Using your PC....
If you prefer to use a computer to learn, the best DVD or CD to buy are:
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