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Automatic Driving Lessons in Birmingham
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Automatic Lessons

Automatic driving lessons in Birmingham

There are advantages and disadvantages to both ways - the choice is yours.
Learning in an automatic car
Your Lessons, Your Way

Everyone learns in different ways and if you're thinking of deciding to take automatic lessons than have a read of the information below to help you decide whether you should take automatic lessons. 

The reasons for this choice?
Easier to drive  

Automatic cars have no clutch pedal, and all you have to do with the gear selector is select Drive before moving away.  So an automatic car is much easier to start, stop, and steer.  This is an easier option for the novice driver.
Less stressful
There is no worry about stalling the car, finding the biting point or fiddling with the gears.  The automatic gearbox in the car sorts out the gear changes for you while you have time to concentrate on the road.
Learn in less time
Some of the reasons past pupils have said for choosing automatic are:
  • Less distraction - no clutch or gear lever to coordinate 
  • More confidence - No stalling the car
  • More time to concentrate on controlling and steering the car
  • More time free to concentrate on reading the road and develop judgment
  • Learn faster - you can get to test standard more quickly 

- On the flipside though, when you pass the driving test you'll only be allowed to drive an automatic car.
- When buying a car - there is less choice of automatics and they're slightly more expensive.
- They usually cost more to service, do less miles per gallon and are more expensive to insure 
Book an Auto Introduction Session
Try out to see if you like automatic driving with our 'Auto introduction session'Contact us now.
Learning in a manual car:
Know the facts

The majority of people will learn in a manual car. The main reason for this are:
  • Once you pass your test you have the will have the licence to drive an automatic or manual car
  • When buying a car there is a larger choice of cars to choose from
  • There is also the question of price - manual cars are slightly cheaper.

QDrive is now covering automatic driving lessons in: Birmingham, Solihull, Redditch and Sutton Coldfield

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